Nihco Gallo is a vibraphonist living and performing in New England. In 2010, Gallo matriculated at the University of New Hampshire, where he began his studies in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics, alongside lessons with drummer Les Harris, Jr. In 2012, Nihco Gallo received the Percussive Arts Society's "Terry Gibbs Vibraphone Scholarship", an international award given to a single student jazz vibraphonist, which allowed him to spend a semester at the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest, studying under percussionist Bela Zsoldos and guitarist Gyula Babos. Gallo currently resides in coastal New Hampshire where he leads and supplements a wide range of groups:

  • The Nihco Gallo Trio: a semi-chordless, quasi-free group featuring bassist Scott Kiefner and drummer Zak King.
  • First Principles: a sextet performing the original works of Gallo, along with bassist Jason Emmon, and drummer Zak King.
  • Michael Beling's Healing Feelings: an organ trio with keyboardist Michael Beling and drummer Zak King.
  • The Gallo/Hall Duo: an all-rhythm collaboration featuring Gallo on drums and tap virtuoso Ayan Imai-Hall.




Recent and near-future appearances

Above: Performing with Peifer and Dias in a Tom Waits-themed band at the Dance Hall.

Above: Performing with Peifer and Dias in a Tom Waits-themed band at the Dance Hall.

  • The Nihco Gallo Vibes Trio, semi-chordless, quasi-free group featuring jazz, pop, and classical standards arranged in unexpected contexts and combinations. The trio draws on the diverse musical backgrounds of Dover bassist Scott Kiefner and Boston drummer Zak King to transition between compositions and styles with freedom and fluidity, all while maintaining groove.     
  • The Hall/Gallo Duo, a collaboration with tap dance virtuoso Ayan Imai-Hall in an all-rhythm groove experiment.

  • Desert Island Live! Tom Waits Tribute, a reconstruction of two Tom Waits albums, featuring a twenty-something piece band led by percussionist/composer Jonny Peiffer (Sojoy, Shango) and vocalist Stu Dias (Soggy Po Boys, Mother Superior).

  • Nihco's ensembles can be heard regularly at the Press Room (Portsmouth), Blue (Portland), Fury's (Dover), and Baldface Books (Dover). His trio will enjoy a four-month long residency at Frontier in Brunswick, ME starting this fall.